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Location: SBomb Vintage Workshop 

Time: 19:00 hours 

Mission: Summer Blowout 

Commissioned by: The Rolling Rogues 

Docking in Poole for our first visit as a team, it couldn’t have been better timed with the Summer Blowout hosted by The Rolling Rogues. After working with this creative outfit last month, it was great to have some downtime to share a drink and see them in their own territory. The Summer Blowout gave the Rogues a chance to host a party for their clients, friends and family to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements from the past year. It’s been one hell of a ride for them and their company continues to grow apace. 

The social was hosted at SBomb Vintage Workshop, a unique space which is the creation of Titch Cormack, a Special Forces Operator turned Custom Bike Builder. This awesome venue boasts an industrial feel and a waterfront location in the fisherman’s quarter of Poole Quay. If you’re fortunate to be in Poole this place is a must visit. Titch and his team are sure to give you a warm welcome. 

Complimentary drinks from Conker Spirit, clients and friends of The Rolling Rogues, kickstarted the evening. And unseasonably warm weather for the time of year meant that we could enjoy the street food on offer, while taking in the waterfront surroundings. 

Those lucky enough to be invited to the Blowout sure like to party! 

Getting things moving with their music were ‘Wren’ and George. Guys looking to get sharp had the prospect of a cut with Barbers, Scott Louis Young and Ryan John Green. The brave amongst the guests also had the opportunity to acquire a new tattoo from the talented hands of Ollie Smith who was issuing artwork from his ‘you get what you get’ bubble gum machine. To add to their Oil Can work attire, the girls managed to blag an SBomb Tee from Titch on the way out. You can pick these up from their website along with other cool merch, and you won’t be disappointed. 

A top night all round. Roll on the next bash.


Oil Can Grooming Rolling Rogues Blow Out party at SBomb Poole

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