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Earlier this year, when everyday life didn’t pose so many uncertainties for all of us, we travelled to Rotterdam. A place which for many is the modern-day home of Barbering within Europe. Welcomed into Gio’s Chop Shop we couldn’t have felt more at home. Gio has created a space steeped in tradition. A place which unmistakably carries his personality and passion.

We rocked up ready to shoot some new film and photography content for our upcoming website. Joining the Oil Can team were the creative minds of Huck Mountain and Alex Rory Jacobs. Gio’s right hand man for the weekend was his old friend and barbering maestro, Danny the Dogg. Scissors and clippers at the ready, they set out to showcase their craft using our full range of products. All the men who took a chair for the shoot were loyal patrons of Gio’s Chop Shop, adding that air of authenticity to what we were creating. We were honoured for them to join us. Even the guys who work alongside Gio at the shop embraced a haircut in front of the lens, for the occasion. It was an eventful unforgettable couple of days, and we can’t wait to go back.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be showing you the outcome of ‘The Chop Shop Series’ via our social media. But first we want to give a big shout out to everyone who contributed and made us feel at home in Rotterdam. The true Chop Shop experience.


Oil Can Grooming Journal Chop Shop Series Barbershop Rotterdam Danny the Dogg

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