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Teaming up with The Rolling Rogues this weekend we set out to shoot some content for our new Barber Supply Catalogue and social media. This is our first outing with the Rogues, having come across their amazing work at the Bike Shed event in Tobacco Dock earlier in the year. The Rogues are a young talented outfit working out of Poole in Dorset. Led by Jax Davey an ex Royal Marines Commando, they get involved in some really niche projects. Check out their catalogue of work and sample their showreel.

We were in London shooting our Barber Ambassadors at Franks – Thy Barber concession within the Bike Shed concept store in Shoreditch. We have a great connection with Frank Rimer as after years of building his reputation through his well-known pop ups, he set up shop at the same time as we launched Oil Can. 

Frank sure knows how to put a Barbershop together. It’s the perfect blend of vintage, rockabilly and American west influences. It’s beyond cool and an ideal setting for our project.

Flying in to join us at the shop were Gio the New Kid of Rotterdam fame and João Paulino – the barbering maestro of the Algarve custom scene and our first Portuguese stockist. Along with the usual banter you’d expect when you bring these guys together under the same roof, the three of them gave a classic demonstration of their craft, which thanks to the creative lens of The Rogues was captured perfectly. We can’t wait to share this content with you in the run up to the launch of our new Grease Tin hair styling range which will be coming to a Barbershop near you next year.


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